Investment Ideas For 2014


Investment Ideas For 2014

Hello dear Skwoozers! Here is a list of investment ideas for the year 2014.

It is important to note that this list represents only my personal choice and that it is in no way a recommendation to purchase any securities and/or assets mentioned.

Here we go!



Yes I know, Microsoft is supposed to be a dinosaur, but Microsoft is hot!

Microsoft “cloud” business (Azure and Office 365) showed a 100% year over year increase in sales. Add the AAA credit rating and a 3% dividend and we may have a winner.


Yes you read correctly! Under John Chen BlackBerry will no longer be a device company. It will be an enterprise software company. Mr. Chen’s first decision was to unload the unprofitable handset business to Foxconn. Therefore, the company does not carry any inventory risks anymore. It should be a winning strategy.


Apple, the magnificent! I expect that Apple will bring a few surprises in 2014. iWatch? iTV? iCar? Why not an iPayment solution? After all, Apple has already more than 500 million accounts via iTunes. Although very similar to Paypal, Apple has almost 4 times the amount of customers that Paypal has. What about iMedical? Apple could easily compete with General Electric in this market. To follow!


My favorite! Who does not like deals? The key strategy here is a focus on new mobile apps, a shift away from pounding consumers’ inboxes with several deals every day, and an expansion of its goods business. All of this should show interesting results.

What else for 2014?

Comic Books

I really like Amazing Fantasy #15. The first time Spiderman ever appeared in a comic book. While people are crazy about that book, don’t worry, you can find great graded copies for $15,000.

Vintage Toys 

Anything made by Kenner in 1978-1979 for the Star Wars movie. The demand is huge for these Star Wars factory sealed toys.

Vintage Games

Atari 2600 factory sealed games. Some are still undervalued in my view and some are not really expensive yet. I am thinking about Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Spiderman.

While nothing here should be interpreted as purporting to be professional investment advice, hopefully these ideas will contribute to more creative investments.

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Happy 2014!




This article is for information purposes only.

This article is in no way a recommendation to buy or sell certain securities or investment products. You should always consult a financial advisor before investing.

Before starting an investment program I recommend you seek independent professional legal, tax and investment advice as to whether it is suitable for your particular needs and circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead to you acting contrary to your own best interests and could lead to losses of capital.

I deny any liability to you for loss in any manner or form now or at any time in the future. You should be aware that some investments will lose money.

Dominic Faultz

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